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Alfred Brendel

January 5, 1931 – present Born – Wiesenberg, Czechoslovakia Alfred Brendel, pianist, writer, and painter, is for the most part a self taught musician. What formal training he did have was early on while living in Graz with local teachers

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Claudio Arrau


Feb 6, 1903 – June 9, 1991 Born – Chillán, Chile Claudio ArrauOver the course of his 80 year career, Claudio Arrau, had become a piano legend during his lifetime. The London Sunday Times wrote “One regards him as a

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Clara Schumann


Clara Schumann (September 13, 1819 – May 20, 1896) Born – Leipzig, Germany Clara Schuman is considered to be one of the greatest pianist of the Romantic Era having established her extensive concert touring career at the early age of

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Benno Moiseiwitsch


Feb 22, 1890 – April 9 1963 Born – Odessa, Ukraine Benno MoiseivitschBenno Moiseiwitsch began his piano training at the age of 7 at the Imperial Music Academy in Odessa. His progress was so rapid that he won the Anton

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